We are an Association that was formed in the early 1900s, to bring together veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals to discuss and handle issues within the veterinary sector.

In Act 45 of 2010, the Association was recently enacted and given a statutory role to help regulate the profession, through the Veterinary Council of Zambia. At this time, it re-registered with the Registrar of Societies under Registration #……….

Currently, the Association is operating without the Veterinary Council of Zambia, due to non-appointment of this body by the Minister of Fisheries and Livestock. The Association continues to lobby for appointment of this important body, and in the meantime works to unite the members of the profession, and fulfil its functions as laid down in the Act.

In addition, it is working towards fulfilling a new Strategic Plan which will be launched at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

(a) to register veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals and to regulate their professional conduct

(b) to register students of veterinary studies and veterinary paraprofessionals

(c) to develop, promote, maintain and improve appropriate standards of qualification in the veterinary professions (in conjunction with the Veterinary Council of Zambia)

(d) to develop, promote and enforce internationally comparable veterinary profession practice standards in Zambia (in conjunction with the Veterinary Council of Zambia)

(e) to investigate allegations of professional misconduct and impose sanctions as may be necessary (in conjunction with the Veterinary Council of Zambia Disciplinary Committee)

(f) to advise the Government on matters relating to the veterinary profession

(g) to promote the general advancement of the veterinary and veterinary paraprofessions and allied disciplines for the improvement of the quality of animal life (in conjunction with the Veterinary Council of Zambia)

(h) to maintain and improve the standards of conduct and learning of the veterinary and veterinary para-profession and allied professions in Zambia (in conjunction with the Veterinary Council of Zambia).

(i) to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge of veterinary and veterinary paraprofessionals through the establishment of technical libraries and the provision of monetary grants, books, apparatus and any other facilities necessary to achieve this end

(j) to hold meetings of the Association for the reading and discussion of papers for professional interest,to make awards to authors of papers of special merit and to arrange for other activites of interest or benefit to to veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals

(k)to raise the character and status of the veterinary profession and paraprofessions and allied disciplines, to promote honourable and good practice and increase the confidence of the community in those persons practicing in the veterinary profession and paraprofessions and allied disciplines (in conjunction with the Veterinary Council of Zambia)

(l) to promote alternative dispute resolution mechanisms  and to serve as an arbritral institution for disputes of a veterinary professional and paraprofessional nature

(m) in consultation with the Ministry responsible for Education,  and the Technical education Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority, to accredit universities, technical colleges, institutions and programmes of instruction leading to the award of qualifications in the veterinary professions and paraprofessions.

(n) to represent, protect and assist veterinary surgeons and veterinary paraprofessionals with regard to their conditions of practice, remuneration or otherwise, and

(o) to do all such other things are necessary, or incidental, to the performance of its functions under the Act.